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Start Showing Your Purr-sonality!

Start Showing Your Purr-sonality!

I love cats. They make the best friends, and are endlessly amusing. This is why almost all my products feature cat-centric designs. As well as making great gifts for those you think deserve pure feline love.

I'm a cat enthusiast artist, living in the Germany, with a huge passion for cats and dogs. I love to draw and paint just cats.

The designs are all inspired by my furry friends who help me get through each day. I don't just want the best for my kittens, but all animals!

That's why my shop is dedicated to helping no kill rescue organizations and supporting animal welfare.

I'm a pet lover. I have been drawing animals since I was little. Both of my parents were artists, so it was an obvious choice for me. The designs are all inspired by my two cats and dog. It's my way of giving back to the animal world!

Gifts for all. From unique art prints, to pet accessories, and the best kawaii gifts on the planet. For all those animal lovers out there - cute animal gifts to brighten your day!